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Warcursed at Extrem Metal Radio
Posted on 03/14/2012 @ 8:14 pm | 541 views

In the Metal ao Extremo Radio, a leading specialist vehicles in Heavy Metal in the state of Piaui, has prepared a special program with some of the customers of MS Metal Press that will last for one week.

In these two weeks, the new singles from bands Kamala, Stone Cold Leaves, Scrok, Warcursed, Devachan, Device, Muqueta in Oreia, Joel Moncorvo, Tropa de Shock and Daniel Pink transmitted hourly, daily, from day 15 March with closing scheduled for March 22, 2012.

Kamala: The Fall – Fractal (2009)
Stone Cold Leaves: Going Down – Going Down (2012)
Scrok: Devastation – Devastation (2011)
Warcursed: Spectral Whisper – Escape From Nightmare (2011)
Devachan: Jogo da Vida – Devachan (2010)
Device: Welcome – Antagonistic (2010)
Muqueta na Oreia: Lobisomem Em Lua Cheia – Lobisomem Em Lua Cheia (2011)
Joel Moncorvo: Muito Além do Som – Muito Além do Som (2007)
Tropa de Shock: Freedom – Immortal Rage (2011)
Daniel Piquê: Sennarium – Sennarium (2012)


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