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Partnership with Studio 1404
Posted on 04/25/2013 @ 2:12 am | 532 views

The band recently confirmed partnership with Studio 1404, which has Victor Hugo Targino as music producer.

The Studio 1404 and WARCURSED worked together in the production and recording of debut album “Escape from Nightmare”, and very soon will begin work for the band’s second full length album, titled “The Last March”.

For more information about the 1404 Studio, who has worked with bandasThyresis, Soturnus, Akribi (Sweden), Unlit Face (Sweden) and Sodom, just visit the link.

WARCURSED’s new album, titled “The Last March”, will be released by Eternal Hatred Records in the second half of this year, in parallel also the relaunch of the first record “Escape from Nightmare” in a special edition with bonus track.


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