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Cover story of the magazine Barracuda
Posted on 08/07/2013 @ 2:29 am | 551 views

The band WARCURSED was an important matter for Barracuda magazine, in its issue of July 2013.

Members of the group revealed details of his career for the above vehicle, focusing on his Brazilian tour in support of the album “Escape from Nightmare” as well as his work in producing the new album “The Last March”.

The new edition of Barracuda is already online, available to read via the link beside: Barracuda Magazine

The magazine Barracuda, given the lack of information about music in your region, decided to create a print publication that could add in a modern, creative and serious all the news and happenings in the state of Paraíba, in addition to disclosing the work of local artists.

The purpose of the vehicle is making a serious journalism, highlighting the positive culture of Paraiba, bringing most credible sources, columnists known in the musical sophistication in design and excellence in photographs.

In parallel, the new album will be released by WARCURSED Eternal Hatred Records in the second half of this year, in parallel also the relaunch of the first record “Escape from Nightmare” in a special edition with bonus track.

For more information about the band’s activities WARCURSED and other clients of the company, just get in touch with MS Metal Press via email contato@msmetalpress.com.


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