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Warcursed and Malefactor: together at Metal World Festival 2011
Posted on 12/05/2011 @ 7:59 pm | 799 views

The bands WARCURSED and Malefactor were confirmed in the Metal World Festival, taking place once again in the city of João Pessoa, Paraíba, with shows in the next 10 and December 11 (Saturday and Sunday).

Held seven years ago, the World is an integrated arts festival with a focus on independent cultural production. Having music in your thread, the event brings to the public concerts with renowned artists in this new and growing market. Have passed the stage of the event names as Móveis Coloniais de Acaju (DF), B Negão and the Seletores de Frequência (RJ), Mundo Livre S/A (PE), Wado (AL), international attractions, the example of The Stalkers (ARG) and DJ Eklipese (FRA), plus more than 40 national artists and some 60 local artists.

The World Festival is organized by the Coletivo Mundo, a point that is connected daily to more than 70 other collective culture, changing technology and strengthening the productive chain of culture in the country. It also has its own cultural center, Espaço Mundo, located in the historic center of the capital of Paraiba.

In 2011, all programming of the World Festival takes place between 02 and 15 December, with the 10th and 11th main, where the concerts take place, part of the film shows, cultural fair and audiovisual experiments.


Warcursed Malefactor – Metal World Festival

Date: December 11 (Sunday)
Venue: Cultural
Address: Abdias Almeida Gomes, 800
Time: 15:00
City: João Pessoa / PB
Tickets: Not Specified
Information: (83) 3243-0707


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