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Named as one of the main new bands of the Brazilian metal, WARCURSED keeps making history. Formed in 2010, despite previous years with another name, its seven-year career includes three studio albums, making a Death Metal with influences from Thrash Metal to echo throughout the planet.

Despite having a few Ep’s recorded in previous years that never reached the public, only in 2012 WARCURSED released their first album entitled “Escape From Nightmare”. This year, the band had the following lineup: Jean Sauvé (Vocal – Bass), Richard Senko (Guitar), Eduardo Barros (Guitar) and Marsell Senko (Drums).

With the first album, WARCURSED were already getting a great recognition in the northeast of Brazil, where performed several shows in all the states, participating in major festivals such as Palco do Rock (Salvador-BA), Rock Cordel (Sousa / PB, Teresina / PI and Vitória da Conquista / BA), Festival Dosol (Mossoró / RN, and Natal / RN), Encontro da Nova Consciência (Campina Grande / PB), Titans of Metal (Teresina / PI), among others.

Due to the great acceptance of the first album, WARCURSED signed with Eternal Hatred Records and in 2013 begins the pre-production of their second album entitled “The Last March”. With this album also was released the first WARCURSED’s music video of the song Renegades From Hell, which one was considered one of the 20 best clips of the year according to the site A Ilha do Metal.

In the release of the album “The Last March”, WARCURSED performed several concerts together with great names of the Brazilian metal such as Sepultura, Krisiun, Ratos de Porão, Claustrofobia, among others. In the year of 2014 also made its first European tour together with the bands Nervochaos and Centurian and dividing stage with other great names of the international metal like Incantation, Incarceration, among others. “The Last March” was very well received by the public and the specialized media, being considered one of the 25 best albums of 2014 by the site Headbangers Latin America.

At the end of 2014 and early 2015, Luciano de Miranda joins the band on vocals and bass after the departure of Jean Sauvé, WARCURSED went on tour in the northeast of Brazil in spreading the second album along with the Nervochaos and also performed some shows in the southeast of Brazil, culminating in the recording of the program Showlivre in São Paulo.

In the year 2016 in the pre-production phase of the new album, Luciano de Miranda leaves the band and Richard Senko takes on the vocals bringing a more Death Metal touch to the band. At the beginning of 2017 is released the “Stages of Death”, a conceptual album in which the each stages of death are related to the manipulation of the human being. This is a much more aggressive, fast and mature work, which shows the evolution of the band without losing its essence and identity. The cover of this album was made by the artist Marcelo Vasco, who works for Nuclear Blast, where he has worked with great metal names such as Slayer, Kreator, Testament, Dimmu Borgir, Machine Head and others.

With the “Stages of Death”, WARCURSED participated in major festivals, playing with bands such as Amon Amarth and Abbath, and recently made a big tour with Torture Squad, Hatefulmurder and Reckoning Hour, throughout Brazil.

Warcursed continues to promote its newest work and demonstrates that it is growing stronger and more present on the Brazil and Global Metal Scene, spreading its curses around the four corners of the planet. STAY CURSED !!!

WARCURSED - Official Website - All Rights Reserved 2017