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In 2004, initially as Megadeth cover band, the lineup already had Jean Sauvé (Bass), Richard Senko (Guitar) and Marsell Senko (Drums). After a few years the songs of own authorship emerges with the desire to form a band full copyright, this time was no lineup changes in the band, and assuming the name of POST MORTEM, before opting for WARCURSED, Jean Sauvé assumes the vocalist group. Then, in 2010, with the entry of Eduardo Victor on guitar, the quartet begins his work as WARCURSED. The current lineup of the band includes Luciano Miranda (Vocals/Bass), Richard Senko (Guitar), Edward Victor (guitar) and Marsell Senko (Drums).

Photo By Sóstenes Carneiro Lópes

In 2006, when still as POST MORTEM, began the first record of the band, that would be a demo called “Gates of War,” however, never reached the public. The early years of the band was marked by several presentations in the cities of João Pessoa and Campina Grande, Paraíba both. In 2011, more experienced and consolidated, the WARCURSED performs concerts throughout the Northeast, in parallel starts the process of pre-production of the first full length, titled “Escape From Nightmare”, whose theme of the lyrics are focused on social problems involving war, insanity and existential problems, all wrapped in the line of Death/Thrash Metal. Still in 2011, the WARCURSED performs several concerts in various cities of the Northeast, participating in festivals like Rock Scream (Feira de Santana/BA, Salvador/BA, Vitória da Conquista/BA, João Pessoa/PB) and World Festival (João Pessoa/PB). Already in the year 2012 launches, independently, the “Escape From Nightmare”, whose main publication was during a tour that went through several festivals like Rock the Stage (Salvador-BA), Rock Cordel (Sousa/PB, Teresina/PI and Vitória da Conquista/BA), Dosol Festival (Mosssoró/RN), Meeting of the New Consciousness (Campina Grande/PB) and Titans of Metal (Teresina/PI); and has been marked by great recognition of the public in relation to any work done.

Photo By Suyane Mesquita – Rock Cordel 2012 Teresina/PI

Because of the wide acceptance of the first Full Length by the public, WARCURSED, along with Eternal Hatred Records, beginning in 2013 the pre-production of their second album, while it followed presentations on various shows and festivals in the northeast, with big names from the national metal as SEPULTURA and RATOS DE PORÂO. In the same year performed a tour of six cities in the northeast with two other bands, RHENODA and Terraprima.

Photo at Agreste in Rock 2013

Also in 2013, with the continuation of his work, the music video “Renegades From Hell”, the second song Full Length, where it was considered one of the top 20 clips of the same year. Was released During the year 2014, his second album, titled “The Last March” is being very well received by the public and has had several positive reviews in both national and international websites. This same year, the WARCURSED held its first European tour for promote his new album with the two bands of large national and international name, NERVOCHAOS and Centurian, the tour had 15 shows in several european countries like Germany, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Italy and Belgium. Upon return to Brazil, Jean Sauvé departs from the band due to the fact currently be living in another country.

Photo by Rob Oorthuis

WARCURSED currently follows the promotion of its work with the release lyrics music video “Superior Tyranny” to continue the release of the album “The Last March” and his line-up includes the input Luciano Miranda assuming the post of vocalist and bassist. In November this year the WARCURSED make a tour along the NERVOCHAOS, which will initially go through some cities of the northeast.

The future plans of the band initially are the continuation of the work of dissemination of their second album, “The Last March” at Brazil, where the band plans to tour the south southeast of the country, and also the America South. WARCURSED also is already planning for next year a second European tour and probably a North American tour.

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