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WARCURSED band recently announced that bassist and vocalist Jean Sauvé, original member, is no longer part of their line up.

His departure took the fact that he is living in another country, and to be with other priorities in his private life. The remaining members of WARCURSED much regret his departure, not only because he is a great musician, but mostly for the great affinity that everyone in the band have with the artist.

In brief, WARCURSED announce the entry of new member, to continue the process of dissemination of their new album “The Last March”, with the second part of his tour, which recently passed the major countries of Europe.

For more information on the activities of WARCURSED band and other customers of the company, just get in touch with MS Metal Press via email contato@msmetalpress.com.


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Brazilian and European teams MS Metal Press recently defined the six new initiatives launched by the seals of the company in Brazil, corresponding to the second block, which will be duly presented to promoters of the European market next month September.

Below is the full list:

Anno Zero: The Next Level – MS Metal Records
Hazy: Eternal Rise – MS Metal Records
Bloody Violence: Obliterate – Eternal Hatred Records
Scrok: Welcome To Terror – Eternal Hatred Records
Warcursed: The Last March – Eternal Hatred Records
Sunroad: Carved in Time – Alternative Music Records

The six albums described above, will be worked in the old world, with distribution in an objectified strengthen contacts with festivals of small, medium and large.

This action will continue in blocks, gradually covering all our artists, throughout the second half of 2014 and first half of 2015.

Check out the final cast of the company, this new phase that begins with the annexation of a new team working exclusively on the European market:

7th Symphony – Age of Artemis – Aggressor – Alefla – Almah – Aneurose – Angra – Anno Zero – Aphroditte – Apoteom – Ashton Bridge – Behavior – Bloody Violence – Bright Storm – Bruno Ladislau – Claudio Passamani – Chaos Sphere – Carapuça – Cromathia – Dancing Flame – Daniel Pique – DarkSmile – Sticking – Desecrated Sphere – Drace XII – Edu Falaschi – Empurios – Ergus – Escarnium – Eyes of Gaya – Felipe Andreoli – Finitude – Black Friar – Frost Valley – Hate Handles – Hatend – Hazy – Headhunter DC – Hevilan – Iluminato – in Absenthia – in Torment – Kiko Loureiro – Kriver – Lottors – Lusferus – Manifesto – Mad Roulette – Malefactor – Marco Tornnelly – Mindcrafter – Mork – Morpheus’ Dreams – Chainsaw Truck Club – Mr.Ego – Muqueta in Oreia – No Way – Opus V – Pagan Throne – Power Cross – Rafael Bittencourt – Rotten Filthy – Scrok – Sepultura – Serenity in Fire – Silent Cell – Silver Mammoth – Soturnus – Suicidevotion – Sunroad – Supersonic Brewer – Tchandala – The Brainwash Machine – Torqverem – Tropa de Shock – Vociferatus – Warcursed – Warfield – Wintter

Additional Information:

- Some of the latest albums released by the seals of the company will be initially distributed abroad, both as media vehicles for concert promoters and festivals levels 1, 2 and 3.

- The albums released in Brazil, who gain public acceptance of media and abroad, will be launched (pressed) and distributed in Europe.

For more information on the work of artists of the company, just get in touch through emails contato@msmetalpress.com and / or contact_europe@msmetalpress.com.


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The drummer of the band WARCURSED, Marsell Senko, released a new statement on the balance of group activities on European soil, in its first passage through the old world, hand bands and Nervochaos the Centurian.

“Hello everyone …

The Eurotour 2014 was undoubtedly a great shot that went right, we can learn and gain a lot of experience with all shows. The best certainly has been able to share it all with two major bands, which only made us even more fans by turning every experience and interaction we had during 14 shows in 7 different countries. The public also did not lag behind, always very present, despite the numerous festivals that took place around the same time, but they have always been very present, always very curious and always buying our merchandising. We just have to thank all that experience to everyone involved and we hope that we can return to Europe very soon. Very friends and fans were made, is now only continue the work and think about the next tour !! #StayCursed ”

Marsell Senko & Warcursed

For more information on the activities of WARCURSED and other customers of the company, just get in touch with MS Metal Press via email contato@msmetalpress.com.


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The band WARCURSED confirmed an important concert, on tour in support of their second album release of “The Last March”, for next July 26 in Sousa, Paraíba, on the festival Rock Cordel 2014.

The event will take place in the Praça Mundinho Teodoro at 21.00, and will feature the repertoire presented on their first tour in Europe, which took place last June.


The Last March 2014 World Tour

Date: July 26 (Sat.)
Location: Plaza Teodoro Mundinho
City / State: Sousa / PB
Entry: Free
Time: 21h00
Contact: contato@msmetalpress.com


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