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MS METAL AGENCY: Company artists in a new Brazilian collection
Posted on 01/27/2015 @ 11:07 am | 634 views

Six bands of the cast of the label of MS Metal Agency, have been selected to participate in a new Brazilian collection, which will be available in digital format for download.

Confirmed bands:

01. Headhunter D.C. | Death Metal | Bahia
02. Malefactor | Epic Unholy Metal | Bahia
03. Soturnus | Death / Doom Metal | Paraíba
04. Warcursed | Death / Thrash Metal | Paraíba
05. Pandora | Thrash / Heavy Metal | Bahia
06. Veuliah | Melodic Death / Dark Metal | Bahia

The “Conquerors of Brazil” is a super project developed, which is to create a virtual collection of each of the regions. The first was directed to the northeast, with the title: “Extreme Northeastern Metal Legions”. The material will have two volumes, bringing some of the best bands of that region, which is configured as a very rich place in all aspects of metal, and has amazing musicians who are struggling for recognition within and outside Brazil.

The cover art was developed by artist Camila Porto, of Three Gates Design Studio, and the release of the two volumes will take place in February 2015.

For more information about the activities of the company’s customers, just get in touch with MS Metal Press by e-mail contato@msmetalpress.com.


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