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Positive balance on the first European tour group
Posted on 08/13/2014 @ 10:02 pm | 690 views

The drummer of the band WARCURSED, Marsell Senko, released a new statement on the balance of group activities on European soil, in its first passage through the old world, hand bands and Nervochaos the Centurian.

“Hello everyone …

The Eurotour 2014 was undoubtedly a great shot that went right, we can learn and gain a lot of experience with all shows. The best certainly has been able to share it all with two major bands, which only made us even more fans by turning every experience and interaction we had during 14 shows in 7 different countries. The public also did not lag behind, always very present, despite the numerous festivals that took place around the same time, but they have always been very present, always very curious and always buying our merchandising. We just have to thank all that experience to everyone involved and we hope that we can return to Europe very soon. Very friends and fans were made, is now only continue the work and think about the next tour !! #StayCursed ”

Marsell Senko & Warcursed

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