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Thanks to Erick Fratelli and Isaac Dinoá
Posted on 09/09/2014 @ 10:17 pm | 560 views

WARCURSED greatly appreciates all the support that was provided by friends and musicians Erick Fratelli (Desalma) and Isaac Dinoá. They were replacing the place of Jean Sauvé (bassist / vocalist) and made several important shows with the group in 2014.

WARCURSED will soon announce new vocalist and bassist who will be part of the final line up, continuing the release of their second album “The Last March”. The band already has some dates that are defined and will be released very soon, through the press.

For more information on the activities of WARCURSED band and other customers of the company, just get in touch with MS Metal Press via email contato@msmetalpress.com.


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WARCURSED - Official Website - All Rights Reserved 2017