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Bassist and singer leaves the band line up
Posted on 05/06/2016 @ 9:17 pm | 447 views

Bassist and vocalist Luciano Miranda is no longer a member of WARCURSED band. The musician released an official statement about his departure, for the press and social networks.

“After about two years, working and having the privilege to share the stage with great bands of the national metal, I hereby inform you that, for personal reasons, I will be moving away from activities with WARCURSED band.

I wish success and great achievements to my brothers band, which will continue this uphill battle on behalf of National Metal. They will soon be with large and destructive news for all who follow in the band.

I thank everyone who, somehow, gave support and strength to my stay in the band. I also thank my brothers and music companions, who gave me a great experience of what is marriage and family.

Long live WARCURSED “.

Luciano Miranda

In parallel, the WARCURSED confirmed the title and track list of their third album, which will launch in the country through the Eternal Hatred Records.

The material, which will be titled “Stages of Death”, is conceptual and will focus on the life of a person who is dead to society, that is, that does nothing to change all or your own life, so an easily controllable person, both by others and by the system.

For more information on the activities of WARCURSED band and other customers of the company, just get in touch with MS Metal Press via e-mail contato@msmetalagencybrasil.com.


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